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We can create web site floor plans at a fraction of the cost that it will take you to set up CAD facilities.
We have a 24 hour turnaround or less.
By offering to provide your clients with a Virtual tour , Floor plan, and Still photographs as a complete package you will be able to increase your charges per property visit.  

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Our web site floor plan service can be used to improve and upgrade old floor plan photocopies or blueprints.



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Why should you be providing floor plans ?

Research has shown that in the future property buyers will expect to see the following items when searching for a property onlinee.

x-photos.gif (214 bytes) Still Photos
x-floorplan.gif (208 bytes) Floor plan
x-360.gif (253 bytes) Virtual Tours ( "360 Photos" where appropriate )
x-map.gif (295 bytes) Location  Map of the Property
x-ammenities.gif (288 bytes) Amenities in the area

Web site floor plans are regarded as one of the most important requirements on a web site as the online property buyer is able to view the entire property layout from this information. The floor plan will also give the buyer an approximate indication of the entire property size plus individual room sizes.

 If you are an Estate Agent :

A recent survey of consumers showed that 79 per cent of home sellers believe that professionally produced details will help them to sell their home faster and 78 per cent of buyers think floor plans are essential before looking at a property. In a separate survey, agents who use floor plans also reported 26 per cent higher commission levels than those who weren’t using them." - Estate Agency News

 If you are a Photographer or Virtual Tour provider ?

By offering to provide your clients with a Virtual tour , Web site Floor plans, and Still photographs as a complete package you will be able to increase your charges per property visit.

By reselling our low cost floor plans on to your clients you will be able to maximize your profits. Clients can use these floor plans both on their web site and for printed display and brochure purposes.

Click here for more information

If you are an Domestic Energy  Assessor , Home inspector or HIP Provider:

By offering to provide your clients a floor plan together with their property information you will be able to increase your revenue per property visit.  Click here for more information.

How does the Floor plan creation process work?

The process is this simple:


We can receive scanned or digital photographed measurement sketches of your properties via daily e-mails or automated FTP uploads.

Click here for information on how to create quick property sketches using floorplanet's free download file

2. We will print these scans and our CAD draftsman will accurately convert these sketches into accurate CAD files compliant to AIA and RICS standards. (We will be able to acquire accurate property areas from these CAD drawings).

3. We can then convert these CAD files into various formats for your depending on your company web site needs.

These are :

Image files for Web sites.- JPEG , GIF ,  PDF, TIFF

Please click here for sample floor plan images

Vector files for high resolution brochure printing - WMF , DWG, DXF, PDF

Please click here to view and test print a vector floor plan  embedded in a Word document.

4. We will return these files to you within 24hrs via e-mail or FTP for you to upload to your web site or add to your promotional brochure.

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Sketch-It-Yourself Floor plans.

Please go to the Sketch-It-Yourself web page for more information.

What extra work is needed ?

A quick sketch survey of the property is all that is needed. This can easily be done by either a virtual tour photographer during their visit to the property or by any real estate agent with simple measuring equipment.

Click here to see how simple the survey process is.

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3D FLOOR PLANS  will soon be offering 3D floor plans as an addition to our 2D plans. Some clients have a problem with visualizing plans in 2 Dimensions. We hope these plans will make viewing residential layouts even easier.

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click here to view our 3D samples.


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Click here for information on how to create quick property sketches

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Click here for sample
 floor plan images

 Architectural and Survey Organizations

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Floor plan drafting

Floor plan drafting service

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